Welcome to the first part of my Vue Series of tutorials.

In this guide we’ll cover;

  • Setting up a basic terrain generation in e-on software’s Vue xStream
  • Exporting landscapes from Vue as either heightmap (Heightfield) or OBJ mesh
  • And finally importing it into Unreal Engine 4.
  • Working with weight maps for texturing will be covered in the next tutorial.

Let’s assume you already have some working knowledge of Vue.

xStream edition is not critical, but this is the version I will be using for this tutorial.

The different Landscape Visualisation editions can be found over on the E-on software website:

VUE Pioneer 2015 is now free for non-commercial use but carries a watermark on Rendered images.

This may not include exported height maps or models, but Render watermarks can be removed by purchasing the RenderUp module for about $69USD Modules for VUE 2015 – RenderUp on cornucopia3d

This tutorial should apply to any Vue version from about 7 and up.

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